Our recommendations: a reading and watching list

How many times have we come across an article, a video or a webinar and thought: I’d love to watch this now, but I’ll save it for later? We understand that many of us have found ourselves with a little more time in our hands and might use it to catch up with some reading and watching.

We put together a list of recommendations for you - here you’ll find some plenaries, articles, blog posts, and more. The idea is that this list grows with your recommendations: please leave a comment suggesting an addition to this list (but be careful not to infringe copyrights)

Our favourite latest blog posts:

What makes an effective learning experience? 3 key principles from the science of adult learning by Laura Patsko for the Learn Jam blog

Moving a school online: reflections from week one of using Zoom by Sandy Millin

Teacher Wellbeing: a SMART approach by Sarah Mercer for the OUP ELT blog

Plenaries, talks and interviews:

Motivated teachers inspiring change by Marcela Cintra at BBELT 2020

Interview with David Crystal for Cambridge University Press ELT

Every kid needs a champion - TED Talk by Rita Pierson

Interview with Luis Otavio Barros for New Routes

Future directions in ELT: where are we headed - IATEFL 2019

Interview with Mark Hancock and Taylor Veigga for Talking EFL

Recorded Webinars:

Students without borders: educating global citizens with Mariela Gil

Enjoyment and engagement in early literacy with Lucy Crichton

Changing the role of video with Ben Goldstein

Teaching grammar to young learners in a real-world context with Joan Kang Shin for National Geographic Learning ELT

Videos and articles about Methods & Approaches

What is TBL? with What is ELT?

Communicative Language Teaching with Jack C. Richards

Preparing to Demand High

Videos and articles on teaching skills and systems:

G is for Grammar McNuggets by Scott Thornbury

Accent and Identity by Sandy Millin

Humanizing Pronunciation by Mark Hancock

The Internet as a virtual textbook: reading from Pavilion ELT blog

Teaching career tips:

7 things you need to know before you start teaching abroad from Pavilion ELT blog

Continuing professional development from Oxford University Press ELT

We hope you enjoy this list and find it useful! Please help us make this list more complete by leaving a comment below.





Andreia Zakime is a teacher and teacher trainer based in Barcelona. She is a Cambridge CELTA tutor and one of the co-founders of What is ELT?

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