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Rubens Heredia

I'm Rubinho, a freelance CELTA trainer currently based in beautiful Barcelona and working on courses around Europe. 


I first started teaching while I was a Law student. Fast-forward through two years tending bars in London, 13 years in the classroom, the ICELT and the DELTA, and you'll find me currently taking an MA in TESOL at NILE.

I'm an active member of the ELT community, speaking at international conferences and getting involved in local associations. I'm also a somewhat clumsy and tall beach volleyball player and the proud owner of a cat, a dog and a rabbit.  


Andreia Zakime

My name is Andreia and I am a CELTA tutor based in Barcelona. I've worked on CELTA courses in Brazil and around Europe.


When I first set foot in a classroom, in 2002, I had very little knowledge about teaching and learning. Since then, I’ve been directing my energies toward questioning and improving my practice. I studied Languages and Literature at the University of São Paulo, have a postgraduate degree in Publishing and Editorial Design and hold the DELTA.


I love sharing and learning with the ELT community and I am currently an advisor for the Braz-Tesol Business English SIG and a member of the Visual Arts Circle. In my free time, I love browsing through vinyl record shops and find rarities to add to my collection.


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